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Prince George's County and Maryland real estate contract, listing, and broker forms

PGCAR recently revised and/or discontinued the listed forms. Please immediately begin using the new forms and disregard copies or electronic files containing the old/outdated blank forms. The new forms are currently available in PDF format at and will be available soon under the PGCAR directories at ZipForms and DotLoop.

Of significant importance is the discontinuance of Form #1303, the Jurisdictional Addendum to the MAR Residential Contract of Sale. This form closely mirrored PGCAR Form #1302, the Disclosure and Notice Addendum (DNA). In fact, the DNA already included all of the mandatory disclosures that were contained in Form #1303, plus several more that are recommended to protect agents and sellers from liability exposures. Having both forms created confusion. As such, the PGCAR Forms Committee acted to maintain the DNA Form over the Jurisdictional Addendum.
  1. Removed Form #503 - Notice To Tenant Lead Based Paint and Lead Based Paint Hazards:

    This form was discontinued as the suggested disclosures are now incorporated into the PGCAR Lease.

  2. Revised Form #1100 - Property Management and Exclusive Rental Agreement
    Latest revision 3/22/16.

    • Item 27 - Revised to address new legislation relative to fines for failure to obtain a rental license.
    • Item 35 - New paragraph added, "Notice To Owner - Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act."
    • Item 36 - New paragraph added, Liens / Mortgages / Judgments / Foreclosure / Bankruptcy.
    • Item 38 - New paragraph added to address legislation, "Age Restricted / Senior Rental Community / Facility."

  3. Revised Form #1105 - Single Family Dwelling Lease
    Latest revision 3/22/16.

    • Item 3 - Revised to address legislation relative to security deposit interest owed on short term rentals.
    • Item 9 - Revised to address and clarify liability for pet / service animal damages.
    • Item 20 c - New paragraph added addressing "Notice to Tenants Renting in Condominiums."
    • Item 40 - New paragraph added, "Notice To Owner - Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act."
    • Item 45 - New paragraph added, "Age Restricted / Senior Rental Community / Facility."

  4. Revised Form #1301 - Addendum of Clauses
    Latest revision 3/16.

    • Item 5 - Paragraph removed. Please refer to MAR Home Inspection Addendum.
    • Item 6 - Paragraph removed. Please refer to the MAR "As Is" addendum.
    • Item 7 - Revised with grammatical clarification.
    • Item 8 - Revised with grammatical clarification.

  5. Revised Form #1302 - Prince George's County Disclosure and Notice Addendum (DNA)
    Latest revision date is 3/16.

    • Item 1 - Added Buyer / Seller initial lines to verify understanding of Item #1.
    • Item 11 - Revised to address State and County ordinances that require disclosure and clarifies that disclosure, "by Seller," is made "prior to" the time the Contract is signed.
    • Item 21 - New paragraph added, "Rental License Required."

  6. Removed Form #1303 - Jurisdictional Addendum To The MAR Residential Contract of Sale

    As indicated in the opening paragraph, this form is discontinued in favor of using PGCAR Form #1302 (DNA) as the "standard" local addendum to the MAR Residential Contract of Sale.

  7. Removed Form #1407 - Home Inspection Notice

    This form is discontinued. It is unnecessary upon removal of Paragraph #5 in the Standard Addendum of Clauses (Form # 1301).

We appreciate the organizers, sponsors, participants and anyone who donated time or money towards the scholarship fundraiser! Thankful too, for the rain waiting until after we were done!

In 2009, the Prince George's County Association of REALTORS® instituted the David Maclin Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of REALTOR® David Maclin, the 2006 PGCAR President. To date, the Scholarship Fund has provided over $50,500 in scholarships to students graduating from Prince George's County High Schools. These scholarships can be used at universities, community colleges or trade schools. Please join us at next year's 5k walk / run!
REALTORS® Recognize Excellence in Sales Production

At a gala event on March 30, 2016, the Prince George's County Association of REALTORS® recognized area REALTORS® for their 2015 sales production.

The REALTOR® Award Celebration, held at Martins Crosswinds in Greenbelt, is the Association's premiere recognition of outstanding agent performance for the calendar year 2015. REALTORS® must have attained a minimum of $2.5 million of sales activity to qualify.

Almost 100 County REALTORS® received awards recognizing their "personal best" in sales production. In all, over 240 sales agents, mortgage lenders, settlement company representatives,family, friends and colleagues were in attendance to celebrate the winners. "We've endured some troubling conditions, but now, after a six-year absence, the market is strong and the time is right to again recognize agent achievement," stated Association Executive Vice President, Mike Graziano.

Taking home the top honor of the evening, First Place Platinum Individual General Brokerage, was John Lesniewski of RE/MAX United Real Estate, with $35 million in sales activity. Placing first in the Platinum Team Competition was The Bill Franklin Team of Long and Foster Real Estate, with over $43 million in production.

Additional Awards were presented to the Rookie of the Year, Demetrius Crawford of TriStar Realty, who achieved a remarkable $4.2 million in sales volume for his first 12 months in the real estate industry. Industry stalwarts, Donald Frederick, Rose Marie Jung and Chris Majerle were awarded the REALTOR® Emeritus Award for over 40 years of consecutive service to the National Association of REALTORS® and the Prince George's County Association of REALTORS®.

Awards Chair, Desiree Callender was relentless in her effort to bring the awards back after a six-year sabbatical. "I am pleased to have such a prominent showing of qualified agents for the return of our awards recognition ceremony." One hundred qualified entries indicate that real estate in the County is doing well. Agents are busy again and like being recognized for their performance.

Individual General Brokerage - Platinum Winners (Over $10.5 million):
  1. John Lesniewski $35 Million
  2. Mike Patrick $22 Million
  3. Melanie Gamble $15 Million
  4. Anthony Mason $13 Million
  5. Young Kang $13 Million
  6. Jeff Bridgegum $13 Million
  7. Sam Barbieri $13 Million
  8. George Patterson $12 Million
  9. Gilbert Poudrier $12 Million
  10. Yolanda Muckle $12 Million
  11. Jill Crofcheck $11 Million
  12. Desiree Callender $10.5 Million

Team General Brokerage - Platinum (Over $10.5 million):
  1. The Bill Franklin Team, Bill Franklin $43 Million
  2. The Pirovic Team, Jean Bourne-Pirovic $22 Million
  3. The Lancaster Team, Cory Lancaster $21 Million

Rookie of the Year 2015:

Demetrius Crawford $4.2 Million

Reprinted from Prince George's Suite
By Xavier Bias

After a six-year absence the celebration is back, as Prince George's County Association of REALTORS® (PGCAR) recognized the incredible performance of its agents for their sales production in 2015. On March 30, the gala awarded almost 100 county REALTORS®.

The sales agents had to make a minimum of $2.5 million in sales to qualify. The top recipients exceeded that qualification at the platinum levels, where the minimum sales are $10.5 million to receive the Individual General Brokerage Award. John Lesniewski of RE/MAX United Real Estate, came in first place with his sales reaching an outstanding $35 million.

The Bill Franklin Team of Long and Foster Real Estate, won first place for their platinum level sales. With over $43 million in production, they received first place in the Team Production General Brokerage Awards.

Rookie of The Year 2015 is Demetrius Crawford of TriStar Realty with $4.2 million in sales during his 12 months as a real estate agent.

These agents were able to produce award worthy sales thanks to positive changes in the real estate market. "2015 was a particularly good year for agent production," said PGCAR President Chuck Ottley, an award recipient himself. "Property values are up, finance options are attractive, homes are selling in less time and for more money. This scenario translates into good numbers for real estate agents and, quite frankly good news for home buyers and sellers."

Affiliates are our "partners in real estate": mortgage lenders, title companies and settlement attorneys, home inspectors, home warranty companies and more. Affiliates have elected to support the real estate industry by holding membership in PGCAR, and many have chosen to sponsor our programs and events.

We encourage our REALTOR® members -- and Prince George's County home owners, buyers and sellers -- to use the Affiliates Directory when seeking real estate related service providers.

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