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Code of Ethics Case Studies

Case #2-1: Disclosure of Pertinent Facts

REALTOR® A, acting as a management agent, offered a vacant house for rent to a prospective tenant, stating to the prospect that the house was in good condition. Shortly after the tenant entered into a lease and moved into the house, he filed a complaint against REALTOR® A with his Board of REALTORS®, charging misrepresentation, since a clogged sewer line and a defective heater had been discovered, contrary to REALTOR® A's statement that the house was in good condition.

At the hearing, it was established that REALTOR® A had stated that the house was in good condition; that the tenant had reported the clogged sewer line and defective heater to REALTOR® A on the day after he moved into the house; that REALTOR® A responded immediately be engaging a plumber and a repairman for the heater; that REALTOR® A had no prior knowledge of these defects; that he had acted promptly and responsibly to correct the defects and that he had made an honest and sincere effort to render satisfactory service.

Based on your understanding of the Code of Ethics Article 2, what do you think the hearing panel concluded? Show Answer

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