Code of Ethics Case Studies

Case #12-1: Absence of Name on Sign

Prospect A observed a sign on a vacant lot reading: "For Sale - Call 330-5215." Thinking he would be dealing with a For Sale by Owner, he called the number on the sign. He was surprised and offended that the lot was exclusively listed by REALTOR® A, and the telephone number on the sign was the home number of REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® B in REALTOR® A's office.

Prospect A filed a complaint against REALTOR® A and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® B alleging a violation of Article 12 of the Code of Ethics.

At the hearing, REALTOR® A stated that he permitted REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® B to put up the sign. REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® B's defense was that the sign was not a "formal" advertisement, such as a newspaper advertisement, business card, or billboard, to which he understood Article 12 to apply.

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