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Code of Ethics Case Studies

Duties to Clients and Customers
Articles 1 to 9
   Duties to the Public   
Articles 10 to 14
   Duties to REALTORS®   
Articles 15 to 17

Duties to Clients and Customers - (Articles 1 to 9)

Protect and Promote Your Client's Interests, But be Honest with All Parties
Case #1-1: Fidelity to Client
Case #1-2: Honest Treatment of All Parties
Case #1-3: Net Listing
Case #1-6: Fidelity to Client's Interest
Case #1-7: Obligation to Protect Client's Interests
Case #1-8: Knowledge of Essential Facts
Case #1-10: Obligations Under Exclusive Listing
Case #1-13: Obligation to Present Subsequent Offers After an Offer to Purchase
Has Been Accepted by the Seller
Case #1-14: Conditioning Submission of Purchase Offer on Execution of a
Prelisting Agreement
Case #1-15: Obligation to Advise Client on Market Value
Case #1-16: Obligation to Advise Client of Market Value
Case #1-18: REALTOR® Not Responsible for Legal Advice
Case #1-20: REALTORS® Buying and Selling to One Another
Are Still Considered REALTORS
Case #1-23: Claims of Guaranteed Savings
Case #1-26: Subordination of Client's Interests to REALTORS®'s Personal Gain
Case #1-28: Disclosure of Existence of Offers to Prospective Purchasers
Case #1-29: Multiple Offers to be Presented Objectively
Case #1-30: Multiple Offers Where Listing Broker Agrees to Reduce Listing Broker's Commission
Case #1-31: Protecting Client's Interest in Auction Advertised as "Absolute"
Avoid Exaggeration, Misrepresentation, and Concealment of Pertinent Facts.
Do Not Reveal Facts that are Confidential Under the Scope of Your Agency Relationship
Case #2-1: Disclosure of Pertinent Facts
Case #2-2: Responsibility for Sales Associate's Error
Case #2-3: Obligation to Disclose Defects
Case #2-4: Obligation to Ascertain Pertinent Facts
Case #2-6: Misrepresentation
Case #2-8: Misrepresentation
Case #2-9: REALTOR®'s Responsibility for REALTOR-Associate®'s Statement
Case #2-10: Use of State Revenue Stamps to Mislead
Case #2-14: Time at Which Modification to Offer of Subagency is Communicated is a Determining Factor
Case #2-15: Refusal to Divulge Source of Fraudulent Information
Case #2-16: Falsification of Credit Information
Case #2-18: Honest Treatment of All Parties
Case #2-19: Deceptive Information in MLS Compilations
Cooperate with Other Real Estate Professionals to Advance Client's Best Interests
Case #3-1: Rules of MLS May Not Circumvent
Case #3-4: Cooperation Not Mandatory
Case #3-5: Refusal to Extend Cooperation In Sale of New Homes
Case #3-7: Time at Which Modification to Offer of Compensation is Communicated is a Determining Factor
Case #3-8: REALTOR®'s Obligation to Disclose Dual Commission Arrangements
Case #3-9: REALTOR®'s Obligation to Disclose True Nature of Listing Agreement
Case #3-10: Disclose Accepted Offers with Unresolved Contingencies
When Buying or Selling, Make Your Position in the Transaction or Interest Known
Case #4-1: Disclosure when Buying on Own Account
Case #4-2: Indirect Interest in Buyer
Case #4-3: Disclosure of Family Interest
Case #4-4: Responsibility for Subordinates
Case #4-6: Disclosure of Secured Interest in Listed Property
Disclose Present or Contemplated Interest in Any Property to All Parties
Case #5-1: Contemplated Interest in Property Appraised
Avoid Side Deals without Client’s Informed Consent
Case #6-1: Profit on Supplies Used in Property Management
Case #6-2: Manager's Use of Client's Property for Vending Machines
Case #6-3: Management Responsibility in Relation to Manager's Enterprises
Case #6-4: Acceptance of Rebates From Contractors
Case #6-5: Advertising Real Estate-Related Products and Services
Case #6-6: Disclose Affiliated Business Relationships Prior to Recommending Real Estate-Related Products or Services
Accept Compensation from Only One Party, Except with Full Disclosure and Informed Consent
Case #7-1: Acceptance of Compensation from Buyer and Seller
Keep the Funds of Clients and Customers in Escrow
Case #8-1: Failure to Put Deposit in Separate Account
Case #8-2: Request for Investigation Filed by Board with the State Real Estate Commission
Assure, Whenever Possible, that Transactional Details are in Writing
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