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REALTOR® Resources

Code of Ethics Case Studies

Duties to Clients and Customers
Articles 1 to 9
   Duties to the Public   
Articles 10 to 14
   Duties to REALTORS®   
Articles 15 to 17

Duties to REALTORS® - (Articles 15 to 17)

Ensure that Your Comments about Other Real Estate Professionals are Truthful,
and Not Misleading
Case #15-1: Knowing or Reckless False Statements About Competitors
Case #15-2: Intentional Misrepresentation of a Competitor's Business Practice
Respect the Exclusive Representation or Exclusive Brokerage Relationship Agreements
that Other REALTORS® have with their Clients
Case #16-1: Confidentiality of Cooperating REALTOR®'s Participation
Case #16-3: Mass Media Solicitation Not a Violation of the Code
Case #16-5: Solicitation of Expired Exclusive Listing
Case #16-8: Unauthorized Use of Information Received from Listing Broker for the Purpose of Creating a Referral Prospect to a Third Broker or for Creating
a Buyer Prospect
Case #16-9: Mass Media Solicitation of Business
Case #16-10: Refusal to Disclose Nature and Expiration Date of Listing
Case #16-13: Dealings Initiated by Another Broker's Client
Case #16-14: Dealings Initiated by Another Broker's Client
Case #16-15: Cooperating Broker's Compensation Specified on Deposit Receipt
Case #16-16: Buyer Agent's Demand that Listing Agent Reduce Commission
Case #16-17: Buyer Conditions Purchase Offer on Seller's Agreement to
Pay Buyer Agent's Fee
Case #16-18: Assumed Consent for Direct Contact
Case #16-19: Continued Contact With Potential Seller Who Enters Into an Exclusive Listing With Another REALTOR®
Case #16-20: Continued Contact With Potential Seller Who Enters Into an Exclusive Listing With Another REALTOR®
Arbitrate Contractual and Specific Non-Contractual Disputes
with Other REALTORS® and with Your Clients
Case #17-1: Obligation to Submit to Arbitration
Case #17-2: Dispute Between REALTORS® In Different Boards
Case #17-3: Dispute Between REALTORS® of Different Boards
Case #17-7: REALTOR® Not Precluded from Filing Complaint with State Real Estate Regulatory Agency
Case #17-8: Attempted Use of Corporate Veil to Avoid Obligation to Arbitrate
Case #17-11: Appeal of Grievance Committee Decision
Case #17-12: Arbitration when a REALTOR® acts Exclusively as a Principal in a Transaction
Case #17-13: Arbitration Involving a REALTOR® Selling her Own Property

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