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REALTOR® Resources

Code of Ethics Case Studies

Duties to Clients and Customers
Articles 1 to 9
   Duties to the Public   
Articles 10 to 14
   Duties to REALTORS®   
Articles 15 to 17

Duties to the Public - (Articles 10 to 14)

Provide Equal Service to All Clients and Customers
Case #10-3: Equal Professional Services by the REALTOR®
Case #10-4: Use of "Choose Your Neighbor" Marketing Letters
Case #10-5: Use of "Choose Your Neighbor" form Letters as Part of a Marketing Campaign
Be Knowledgeable and Competent in the Fields of Practice in Which You Ordinarily Engage.
Obtain Assistance or Disclose Lack of Experience if Necessary
Case #11-1: Appraiser's Competence for Assignment
Case #11-3: Identification of Contributor to Appraisal
Case #11-4: Disclosure of Limited Appraisal Experience
Case #11-5: Appraiser's Competence to Assignment
Case #11-6: Appraiser's Obligation to Consider All Factors of Value
Case #11-10: REALTOR®'s Obligation to Disclose Present or Contemplated Interests
Case #11-11: REALTOR®'s Obligation to Disclose Present or Contemplated Interests
Present a True Picture in Your Advertising and Other Public Representations
Case #12-1: Absence of Name on Sign
Case #12-2: Exaggeration in Advertising
Case #12-5: True Picture in Use of "Sold" Sign
Case #12-7: Use of Deceptive Domain Name / URL ("Uniform Resource Locator")
Case #12-9: Unethical Advertising
Case #12-10: REALTOR® Advertising Free Market Analysis
Case #12-12: Advertising in the Guise of News
Case #12-15: Links to Other Internet Sites
Case #12-19: Remove Information about Listings from Websites Once Authority to Advertise Ends
Case #12-20: Misleading Use of "MLS" in URL
Do Not Engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law
Case #13-1: Preparation of Instrument Unrelated to Real Estate Transaction
Case #13-2: Use of Standard Purchase Contract Form
Case #13-3: REALTOR®'s Obligation to Recommend Counsel When Needed
Be a Willing Participant in Code Enforcement Procedures
Case #14-1: Establishing Procedure to be Followed in Handling Complaints
Case #14-2: Refusal to Submit Pertinent Facts
Case #14-3: Submission of Pertinent Facts

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