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Maryland In-Person Early Voting Closes 8 pm TODAY, November 3
View PGCAR & Maryland REALTORS® candidate endorsements here >
Please print & take your REALTOR® Ballot with you when you vote
Support REALTOR Friendly Candidates in the Maryland Midterm Elections

Maryland's General Election is Tuesday, November 8, and your REALTOR® Party candidates need your assistance. In addition, there are 38 safe and secure drop boxes around the County available now, for voters to cast their voted ballots.

Please VOTE for the following endorsed Prince George's County Executive and County Council candidates who won in the Primary:

Maryland REALTORS Government Affairs
The Maryland REALTORS® endorses candidates at the Federal and State level. Here are their endorsed candidates for Prince George's County:

U.S. Congress Maryland Statewide Elected Offices:
Maryland General Assembly Senate
Representing Prince George's County Districts:

Maryland General Assembly House of Delegates
Representing Prince George's County Districts:

Please note: Successful REALTORS® prefer to receive REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts, which are a great way to stay in the know while on the go! Get Call for Action alerts and other important information while you are away from your desk. Simply text the word REALTOR to 30644 on your mobile phone and complete the necessary info.

Whether in Largo, Annapolis, or on Capitol Hill, PGCAR is advocating for you and your clients. We encourage your support of these PGCAR REALTOR® Party endorsed candidates on Tuesday, November 8.

Please refer to the link below for complete election information from the Prince George's County Board of Elections including specific details on early voting, absentee ballots, sample ballots, precincts, polling places and districts.

Do not take your right to vote lightly.

Join the Voting Squad at William Paca Elementary School, 7801 Sheriff Road, Greater Landover, MD 20785! Right down the street from the Sports and Learning Complex. We will be here until 10:30 am.
Join the PGCAR Voting Squad to rally for REALTOR Friendly Candidates
PGCAR members Vote in the Maryland General Election November 8

Register. VOTE.
Help Get Out the Vote!

REALTOR® friendly candidates have done extremely well in recent elections; however, it is important for us to remain involved -- and to VOTE -- in large numbers.

5 Steps to REALTOR® Success at the Polls:

  1. Are you registered? Are you sure? Don't find out too late.
    Check here >
  2. Not registered? Those who missed the October 18 deadline to register online can still bring proof of where you live to your Polling location to register or update their registration >
  3. Know the Schedule
    • General Early Voting: 7 am - 8 pm every day
      Thursday, October 27 - Thursday, November 3
    • General Election Day: 7 am - 8 pm,
      Tuesday, November 8
  4. Know Where to Vote
  5. Vote for REALTOR® endorsed candidates.

REALTORS® Endorse Glenn Ivey for U.S. House of Representatives.  Learn why >

DC Residents Vote in the DC Election: Early Voting is October 31 - November 6
  1. Check your voter registration >
  2. Register or update your registration here >
  3. Know where to vote >
  4. VOTE!
    • General Early Voting: 8:30 am - 7 pm every day
      Monday, October 31 - Sunday, November 6
    • General Election Day: 7 am - 8 pm
      Tuesday, November 8