Welcome to the Prince George's County Association of REALTORS®
Grassroots Action Center

"If real estate is your profession, politics is your business." No other statement is more true to REALTORS® in Prince George's County. Burdened with the second highest transfer tax in the state, and continuously under attack by those who seek to tax and regulate the housing industry, Prince George's County REALTORS® understand the importance of political involvement.

Now you are armed to counter these attacks with a proven grassroots advocacy system. By using this center, you will have the opportunity to support YOUR INDUSTRY (real estate) and PROTECT your bottom line. The Convio system provides PGCAR members with the ability to identify who their elected officials are, find their elected officials' contact information and send email advocacy messages to them, all with the click of a button. Through this window you will be able to respond to PGCAR Calls to Action on vital legislative issues and learn more about legislative topics affecting Prince George's County REALTORS®.

It's simple. . . just add your name and address. Convio does the rest. It knows your legislative districts and elected officials. The email message is drafted and ready to go. . . all you have to do is click the mouse. When you respond to the first "Call-to-Action" (CTA) your name and mailing address is saved and ready to go for the next CTA.

Your response matters! When you receive an email message entitled "Urgent Call-to-Action" please take a brief moment to open these emails and respond. A moment of your time can move mountains in Congress, in the Maryland Assembly, and in our County Council. Your information is privately stored and will only be used for legislative advocacy under your direction.

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Recent Messages & Calls-to-Action from the
Prince George's County Association of REALTORS®

THANK YOU for Taking Action to Oppose the Proposed 5% tax on ALL Services >

You joined us in large numbers on Monday, March 2, 2020 in Annapolis for a REALTOR® Rally to say NO to a 5% service tax on REALTORS®, Real Estate Services providers and other services. Our legislators listened and voted down HB 1628.

Analysis of the Tax Cuts Bill and Affects on Homeownership >

While NAR remains concerned that the overall structure of this bill poses problems for homeowners and the broader housing market, the conference committee made some important improvements to the House and Senate legislation. Partial portions of several tax deductions were restored, which are beneficial to homeownership and the economy. Several sources credit the large and sustained response of REALTORS® and other housing groups for these favorable changes.

Thank You for Taking Action to Oppose
the MASSIVE 15% increase in property taxes! >

THANK YOU for urging your Prince George's County Council to OPPOSE a 15% increase, successfully lowering the increase to 4%! Well over 1,700 opposition email messages were sent to the County Council.

Thank You for Taking Action to Extend
Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief >

THANK YOU for urging your Prince George's Delegate to OPPOSE inclusion of a 6-month foreclosure moratorium in SB 756, which would have further delayed the housing recovery in Prince George's County. The Senate has removed the moratorium from the bill.