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Take Charge of Your Health!

We are all creatures of habit. Some of these habits are good and some are, well, just plain bad. Bad habits directly affect not only physical health, but also mental health. Adverse behaviors and behavior patterns not only affect us, but also affect those around us . . . family, friends, coworkers. Lifestyle changes are always difficult.

Initiating change requires self-awareness, self-discovery, and of course, self-discipline. Positive change can be initiated, executed, and maintained independent of professional assistance. Taking charge of your health and wellness can be the most rewarding accomplishment a human being can experience. It will improve your quality of life!

Facts You Should Know About Sleep

Sleep was long considered just a uniform block of time when you are not awake. Thanks to sleep studies done over the past several decades, it is now known that sleep has distinctive stages that cycle throughout the night.

Facts You Should Know About Sleep

Start Walkin'

It doesn't require a pair of fancy boots to start walkin'. Find a comfortable pair of shoes, grab the dog, and get moving. Walking is an effective, low impact stress reducer. Best of all, it is an activity for all ages and requires nothing more than a consistent commitment.

Start Walkin'

10 FREE and Fun Things to Do in Prince George's County

Want to improve your physical, mental and emotional health? There's a simple way to improve all 3: Have some fun!

Beat the Heat

Heat-related deaths and illnesses are preventable. Despite this fact, more than 600 people in the United States are killed by extreme heat every year. You can beat the heat by taking specific steps to protect yourself and others.

Cool Down For A Healthy Summer

13 Tips to Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Like eating, exercising, and handling stress well, getting a good night's sleep is also vital to your well-being. And as active professionals with widely varying schedules and critical deadlines, we are prone to skimping on our sleep.

13 Tips to Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Body Mass Index

According to the CDC, Body Mass Index (BMI) provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people, and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.

Stress Management Tips

Situations that create stress are as unique as you are. Your personality, genes, and experiences influence how you deal with stress. For you, a big family dinner may be stressful. Other people might enjoy the increased activity and responsibility, but find stress in other situations that are beyond their control.

Stress Management Tips

Small Steps

One of the challenges with New Year's resolutions is that most people set unrealistic goals, then quickly become frustrated and give up. Any successful resolution needs to include small goals accompanied by a solid plan to achieve those goals.

Small Steps Can Make a BIG Difference

How to Drink More Water

Ever notice how lifeless a house plant looks when you forget to water it? Just a little water and it seems to perk back up. Water is just as essential for our bodies because it is in every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. That's why getting enough water every day is important for your health.

Water: Meeting Your Daily Fluid Needs

Pecan Pancakes or Waffles

Your children will jump right out of bed for this delicious meal. And they're a great addition to your family's go-to meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Berry Pecan Waffles

Food Safety Tips for Picnics and Grilling

When a fine summer afternoon makes everyone "think picnic," you could find yourself organizing one. Never fear. Find the picnic hamper and the cooler. Then browse through these warm weather food care hints before you head to the store.

Food Safety Tips for Picnics and Grilling

Memory Game

Test your memory skills by trying to match 10 unique pairs of Health Cards.

Memory Game

Cold and Flu Season

There's nothing like the cold or the flu to take you out of the game. Keep yourself in the know to stay healthy.