10 FREE or Low-Cost Things to Do in Prince George's County

Want to improve your physical, mental and emotional health?
There's a simple way to improve all 3: Have some fun!

It's even better if you have fun outdoors. Here's just 10 ideas out of hundreds of fun, family-friendly ways to enjoy Prince George's County. Don't forget your sunscreen!

By the way, the following list just scratches the surface. It doesn't mention any of our farmers markets, public resources and facilities available at our colleges, universities and schools, or even our famous Wizard of Oz playground at Watkins Regional Park. There is NO excuse not to have fun and be active in Prince George's County!

  1. FREE Summer Concerts & Performances

    The City of Bowie hosts Sunday evening concerts at Allen Pond Park. National Harbor hosts summer concerts on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The entertainment, view and price are all great!

    Sunday Sunset Concerts @ Allen Pond Park
    Fairwood Summer Performances & Music Festival
    - Virtual this summer; dance and swing at home
    Salute the Sunset Wednesday & Saturday Concert Series @ National Harbor

  2. FREE Yoga & Fitness in the Parks

    For any experience level, even if you have never tried yoga before, come learn basic yoga moves to strengthen your body, increase flexibility, and free your mind!

    Full Schedule

  3. Ditch the phone!

    This one you can do anywhere, although our Prince George's County Parks are peaceful locations for this too. Whether at a park bench, picnic table, or a blanket on a lawn, why not try watching the clouds? reading an old-fashioned non-electronic book or magazine? playing cards? jotting down your business or personal ideas on a paper tablet? catching up with a friend or family member by talking?

  4. Go Take a Hike!

    Another easy one: all you need is a few minutes, although a good pair of sneakers is also recommended.

    • Take a short "hike" everyday around your neighborhood, work, a park, or school.
    • Take a longer walk on your day or morning off.
    • Make it a weekly thing with neighbors, family, or office mates. You'll probably like it so much you'll start doing it two or three times a week.
    • If you are currently chaffeuring anyone to events or doctor appointments, take advantage of the time between drop off and pick up. Most likely you can park the car until pick up and walk, run or bike around the event or appointment neighborhood. Or see if there is a park or other nice spot nearby.

    It may sound silly to simply "hang out" and enjoy the fresh air of a walk. Try it. You'll like it! Our brains and eyes actually need some rest time from the screen. Your heart and waistline will benefit too!

  5. FREE Summer & Fall Festivals

    Learn something new, meet new people, and see new things.

    Fairwood Summer Performances & Music Festival
    October 2 Bowie International Festival
    Check out "Experience Prince George's" Fairs & Festivals Calendar

  6. FREE Wildlife Tours

    Did you know? Prince George's County is also home to an exceptional U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service park? At the National Wildlife Research Refuge you can enjoy a 3-mile hike through the woods, take an early morning bird-watching tour with an expert, or even take a 30-minute guided tram tour of its forest, meadows and wetlands.

    Oh yes, and they have special events too!

    August 28 Wildlife Conservation & Recreation Day
    September 25 Pollinator Festival
    October 2 Urban Wildlife Refuge Day
    Patuxent Research Refuge Activities

  7. FREE Dine & Learn Classes

    Eating well and being physically active play an important role in reducing your risk for developing chronic disease. Our friends at the County Health Department and again, Parks & Rec also provide a FREE program where you can learn how to make healthy substitutions while keeping it tasty!

    Oh yes, and they have special events too!

    Dine, Learn & Move
    6 - 8 pm Monthly, on select Wednesdays starting in September

    Find other FREE Health & Wellness events here. Boot Camp anyone?

  8. Visit the Library!

    The library has way more now than it did when we were kids, and even then it was a magical place. See far-away places, plan your next vacation, tap into business and personal resources. And yes, you can still check out FREE books (and movies). There's tens of thousands of digital resources you can play or download from your computer or mobile device too.

    Prince George's County Memorial Library System (PGCMLS) App
    Library Events Calendar

  9. FREE Movies

    Grab a chair and meet us at the Plaza screen on Thursday eveningss.

    National Harbor Movie Schedule

  10. Visit a Historical Site or Nature Center

    Dinosaur Park
    Clearwater Nature Center
    All PG Natural Area Parks & Conservation Sites
    Find a Park Near You