Government Relations
Legislative Advocacy

PGCAR has a highly developed and successful political affairs program with a proven track record of effectively advocating for the best interest of REALTOR® members and for the private property rights of the general public. PGCAR monitors and actively engages in public policy issues to protect and promote the right to own, use, and transfer real property. Because of these efforts REALTORS® have been successful in fighting excessive property taxes, streamlining mandatory disclosures, stopping restrictive rental unit policies and more. PGCAR's political affairs program works with members and legislators to develop solutions beneficial to not just REALTORS® but to the community in whole. Because of this work legislators at the local, state, and national level understand and appreciate the vital role that REALTORS® play in the health of our economy. Members may participate by joining the Legislative Committee, participating in Calls-For-Action, and contributing to RPAC.


The REALTOR® Political Action Committee is dedicated to protecting private property rights and REALTOR® interests in the legislative arena. In addition, RPAC supports candidates at the local, state and national level who understand the issues most important to REALTORS®. Support of RPAC is voluntary.

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