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Joanne Darling, Chairperson

Our Legislative Breakfast this year was held at the Greenbelt Marriott on October 27th.  We had a terrific turnout.  Every member of the Prince George's County Council and most of our Delegation to the State General Assembly were present.  Our elected officials were reminded of the need to reduce transfer taxes so that Prince George's County can be competitive with the surrounding jurisdictions. In this regard, Delegate Obie Patterson and Delegate Joseph Vallario have introduced legislation on the State level to accomplish this goal.  Also, Councilman Jim Estepp assured us that he would introduce similar legislation to the County Council in the future.

The help of the entire membership is needed to make this happen.  Every time you see an elected official, remind them that we need their support on this issue.  The Legislative Committee will be visible again this year in Annapolis and Upper Marlboro.  Please consider joining us.  This is an investment in our future.

Cultural Diversity Committee Pursues Ambitious 2000 Agenda
Elizabeth Salchow, Chairperson

Prince George's County is becoming increasingly diverse! The resulting changes present exciting opportunities and challenges for each member as citizen and as REALTOR. What could be better than home ownership for each and everyone! And who would be better suited to advocate home ownership for all than we the REALTOR? We want to improve our ability to better understand and effectively relate to one another and convey to the public that we stand for unity in diversity.

PGCAR supports the Maryland Association's Poster/Calendar Contest. Respect for and tolerance of diverse cultures starts with the education of our youngsters. Our members will contact teachers from kindergarten through eighth grade and ask them to expose the children to the concept of fair and equal housing and to express their feelings in a poster for next years "Being A Good Neighbor 2001" contest. Most real estate offices should now have a copy of MAR's "One America 2000" calendar. See how intuitively children perceive the devastating effects of housing discrimination!

The committee also urges the dissemination and publication of all financing programs for residential properties. As true professional REALTORS and, especially, as Buyer Brokers, we should utilize all types of financing. Our knowledge should not be limited to standard products but extend into special community and B, C and D financing opportunities. Contact your lenders and insist that they disclose the newest and best programs for your buyers! Additionally, each real estate office should have at least one copy of the publication "Mortgage Product Directory" issued by the

The public knows little about REALTORS constant efforts to make home ownership more equitable, fair and affordable because we tend to be reactive rather than proactive. This will change. The members of the PGCAR Cultural Diversity Committee will help you make a difference in the New Millennium, the century of enlightened unity! Let's encourage each other to be receptive to, and become aware of,  and walk and talk of deference and be respectful of all cultures, customs and beliefs in a truly diverse world. If you feel inspired to participate, please call Joan Ostenso at the Association office, 301 306-7900, and ask to join our dynamic Cultural Diversity Committee. Have a wonderful holiday season.


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