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October 4, 2004   

NAME SIZE IN ADVERTISING . . . The Maryland Real Estate Commission has published a proposed regulation that would require a real estate company name to be in a size "at least as large as" the name of the real estate licensee in an advertisement. Previously, a company's name must have been "meaningfully and conspicuously" displayed in an advertisement.

TEAM NAME ADVERTISING - IMPORTANT CORRECTION . . . The Maryland REALTOR® Magazine recently reported that the Maryland Real Estate Commission approved a regulation to prohibit real estate teams from showing an unlicensed individual in their advertisements. Though the Commission has PROPOSED this regulation, the regulation has not been finalized. The name or photo of an unlicensed individual may be used in advertisements, as long as its use is not misleading. Should the Real Estate Commission finalize this regulation, MAR will update agent and brokers through the Hot Sheet. For more information, call Bill Castelli at 301-261-8290.

BROKER TELEPHONE NUMBERS REQUIRED IN ADVERTISING BEGINNING OCTOBER 1, 2004 . . . The Maryland Real Estate Commission has passed a regulation that prohibits an individual telephone number or e-mail address in an advertisement unless the identified number of the broker or branch office manager is also included. The broker or branch manager number must ring directly in the office location listed on the licensee's real estate license. For more information click here.

NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION . . . New Member Orientation will be held on October 15th at the LaFontaine Bleu at 11:30 a.m. All members joining after January 1, 2003 must attend the New Member Orientation within 6 months of joining the Association. Failure to attend could result in suspension from the Association.

SUPRA KEY INVOICES . . . Supra (GE Interlogix) has mailed the annual invoices to all REALTOR® members who hold PGCAR Display Keys. Please be sure to mail your payment to Supra as soon as possible. PGCAR is not permitted to collect these annual fees.

PGCAR ANNUAL DUES ARE NOW DUE . . . Dues payments are now due and must be paid no later than November 30th in order to avoid late charges.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO MEET THE ETHICS TRAINING REQUIREMENT . . . The countdown is on. NAR's quadrennial ethics requirement gives every member until December 31, 2004, to take an approved Code of Ethics course. Failure to satisfy this requirement shall be considered a violation of a membership duty for which REALTOR® membership shall be suspended until such time as the training is completed. NAR offers two online ethics courses at that fulfill these obligations: one for new members and one for existing members. Questions can be directed to: Member Policy Dept.

NOTE: Classes are also being offered by PGCAR on a regular basis. Ethics Classes are offered by the Association on the following dates: November 3, November 19, December 3, and December 9. To obtain a registration form, please click here.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASSES . . . There is still space available in the following classes:

October 15th - Ethics
Instructor - Dolores Gick. 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Association Office.
3 hours of MD and DC Continuing Education Credit. This class meets the NAR membership requirement.

October 22nd - Stigmatized Properties
Instructor - Tony Kinch. 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Association Office.
1.5 hours of MD and DC Continuing Education Credit.

October 22nd - File Documentation
Instructor - Tony Kinch. 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Association Office.
1.5 hours of MD and DC Continuing Education Credit.

October 25th - MD 6 Hour Required Course consisting of MD Legislative Update (3 hours), MD Legal Update (1.5 hours) and MD Fair Housing (1.5 hours) Instructor - Don Martin. 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Association Office.
Taking all three classes counts for 6 hours of MD and DC Continuing Education Credit.

All classes are limited to the first 45 registrants. Registration fee for REALTORS® is $25 for 3 hours of credit. The 6 hour class on October 25th is $50. A $15 late fee is charged if reservations are made less than 3 days prior to any class. NO WALK-INS. For more information call the Association office at 301-306-7900 or visit our website at

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