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Event Highlights

Congratulations to the 2008 PGCAR Award Winners!
Honored at the March 11, 2009 Awards Celebration

Linda Simpson and Lorenzo Wooten (Rookie of the Year)
Linda Simpson and Lorenzo Wooten, Rookie of the Year
Linda Simpson and Pat Dowtin (Bill Benjamin Award)
Linda Simpson and Pat Dowtin, Bill Benjamin Award recipient
Linda Simpson and Gregory Bennett (Hall of Fame)
Linda Simpson and Gregory Bennett, Hall of Fame inductee
- P L A T I N U M   S A L E S   A W A R D S -
$42 Million
Mike Patrick
$22 Million
John Lesnewski
$19 Million
Bill Franklin
$18 Million
Eric Womack
$16 Million
Annick Kelley
$14 Million
Jean M. Bourne - Pirovic
$13 Million
Daniel Khoshtinat
Pete Sokowski
$12 Million
Darlene Jabir
Frank McKnew
Victor D. Watson
$11 Million
Desiree Callender
- G O L D   S A L E S   A W A R D S -
$9 Million
Sonatta Camara
$8 Million
Gregory Bennett
Terri Shipp
$7.5 Million
Cheryl Abrams
Bonnie Gregorio
Roslyn Clemons, Linda Simpson and Dr. Jacqueline Brown
Roslyn Clemons,
Linda Simpson and
Dr. Jacqueline Brown
Desiree Callender (Chair) and Derrick Smith (Vice Chair)
Desiree Callender (Awards Committee Chair) and Derrick Smith (Committee Vice Chair)
Dr. Jacqueline Brown
Dr. Jacqueline Brown
- S I L V E R   S A L E S   A W A R D S -
$6 Million
Sharon Blackett
Sharon A. McCraney
Donna Vencil
$5 Million
Mike Cerrito
LaTanya Drayton
Beverly Evans
Germaine Folk
Donald L. Frederick
Art Hess
Nasi Khoshtinat
Stanita Scott
PGCAR group
Party Time!
Linda Simpson and Desiree Callender
Linda Simpson and Desiree Callender, Platinum Award Honoree
Pearl Murphy
Pearl Murphy Wows Crowd with Inspiring Patriotic Favorites
- B R O N Z E -
$4 Million
Rhonda L. Hamilton
Homai McDowell
Emerick A. Peace
$3 Million
Thurman L. Battle
Chaunya Blackwell
Janet Faison
Glenn W. Feagin
Titus Folayan
Edith T. Geddings
Tammy Kornegay
Brenda Lawson
Monique Renee Lucas
Dani Moore
Ken Montville
Shaunte Parker
Sheryl Romeo
Mylene "Mya" L. Talavera
Roberta Behan Yaklich
$2.5 Million
Leon Bailey
Karen W. Beall
Wanda Farrar
James R. Haskins
George Hockaday-Bey
Christine Langford
Josephine Mourning
Yolanda Muckle
Sean Munford
Billy Okoye
Chris Richardson
Andre Scott
Andre Smith
Diane Wright

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Work with & advise Foreign National Clients
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
MD Code of Ethics
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1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Reverse Mortgages
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