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Event Highlights

REALTOR® Volunteers Honored by PGCAR
Thursday, June 3, 2004

REALTOR® Volunteers Honored by PGCAR

PGCAR held its Annual REALTOR® Volunteer Recognition Reception on June 3rd at the LaFontaine to recognize PGCAR members for their unselfish contribution to their communities and to the Association. It is our goal to inform the public about the contribution REALTORS® make in the community on a daily basis. In collecting our information, we found that those responding volunteer in the community on an ongoing basis in many different ways. Our members volunteer in the schools as mentors. They volunteer as scout leaders and youth coaches. They volunteer at their churches and nursing homes. They also volunteer in various community and civic organizations; and, in addition to this, many of the REALTORS® also give unselfishly to this Association. Congratulations to all who were recognized. We appreciate your unselfish service.

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