Message from the President - August 7, 2015

PGCAR . . . The Value Proposition

  Desiree Callender photo
Desiree Callender
2015 PGCAR President

I was recently asked the question, "Hey, what do I get for my association dues anyway?" Of course I responded formidably by rattling off the myriad of association benefits one by one.

Afterwards I thought, what would my business be like if there were no professional trade group like PGCAR looking out for my best interests?
  • I wondered, how would my business function without the state-of-the-art Bright MLS system; which was created, in part, with the cooperation and capital investment of the metro region REALTOR® Associations, including PGCAR?
  • Would people buy homes here if Prince George's County had passed the $.15 property tax increase? Suppose PGCAR was unsuccessful in their very public fight against that proposal which resulted in only a $.04 increase?
  • Would home ownership here and nationwide be an attractive investment without the mortgage interest deduction which the National Association of REALTORS® is fighting to preserve?
  • I thought about the complex abundance of mandatory and necessary real estate contract forms offered by PGCAR and MAR. What would my legal expense be if my firm had to hire an attorney to draft and develop those forms, and what would my liability exposure be without them?
  • I considered my legal exposure, without an organized dispute resolution mechanism like the Grievance and Professional Standards processes offered by PGCAR and MAR. Without them I would be on my own, most likely before a judge, to resolve brokerage disputes. Disputes with clients would be dealt with before the real estate commission and possibly the court system. How much money and time would that cost me?
Finally after considering what it would be like to NOT have a real estate association, I came to the conclusion that thankfully I have one. And I can turn to them for MLS, political advocacy, legal assistance, advice and more, and all for the relatively affordable price of about $1.95 a day.

Hopefully you also find value in your Association membership? Listed below is a recap of the Association benefits included in your membership:
  • Advocacy through government representation
  • SentriLock Electronic Lockbox System
  • Members of PGCAR, a shareholder in the Bright MLS, receive significant discounts on Bright MLS participation fees and the addition of RBI SmartCharts Pro
  • Access to electronic real estate standard forms (Zip Forms)
  • REALTOR® Store - your one stop shop for all your real estate needs
  • REALTOR® Professional Designations and Education Trust
  • REALTOR® Federal Credit Union
  • Access to over 100 educational events per year including the annual REALTOR® EXPO and Trade Shows
  • Website - - Your source for timely information on Association activities
  • REALTOR® Connection
  • Zip Forms / Dot Loop
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Ethics Enforcement / Mediation / Arbitration
  • Committee Participation
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • REALTORS® Guide to Rentals (revision coming soon) and other members only publications
  • Local NAR Institute, Societies and Council Chapters
  • Email updates on important issues and upcoming Association education programs and events
  • Networking opportunities with other members through various business and social events
Thank you for your continued support, your membership in PGCAR and your active participation in the Association. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the PGCAR office at 301.306.7900.

Desiree Callender, President

PGCAR is the voice for REALTORS® in Prince George's County, Maryland. Representing more than 2,600 real estate professionals in the national capital area, PGCAR provides numerous services vital to its members' daily business needs. It also works with lawmakers to ensure public policy that encourages homeownership, promotes an environment conducive to business growth, and works to improve the communities in which its members live and work.