Maryland REALTORS® COVID-19 Updates


Letter from the 2020 Maryland REALTORS® President John Harrison

March 31, 2020

Fellow Maryland REALTORS®,

These certainly are challenging times for all Marylanders, as well as for the business of real estate. COVID-19 has changed how we congregate (if at all), how we engage people (from a distance), and how we conduct business (telework from home).

While the COVID-19 pandemic has added a substantial level of stress to both our personal and professional lives, we will rebound from this ordeal. The virus will recede, and the economy will recover. Before that can happen however, we must follow the directives that Governor Hogan has issued, to flatten the curve of this pandemic as aggressively as we can.

Maryland REALTORS® believes that:

  1. While real estate may now be considered an "essential business" under federal guidelines, this does not mean we operate "business as usual." Governor Hogan has stated that even "essential" businesses "must make every effort to scale down their operations to . . . limit interactions with customers."
  2. We encourage all members to adhere to the Governor's stay-at-home order. What you can do virtually, feel free to continue to do so. What we all must avoid is any external activity that violates the spirit of the Governor's order, which could cause the virus to spread.
  3. We will not place short-term economic interests ahead of the common good of Maryland and its citizens. Doing otherwise damages the reputation of our industry and could cause additional harm to people.

Maryland REALTORS® will continue to share the most current information available with its members. Our Legal and Governmental Affairs teams will continue to provide interpretation and analysis to help you move through this ordeal as effectively as possible.

We are united as an industry and as citizens of this great state to support the Governor's orders, to flatten the curve, and to beat this pandemic.

Thank you for your support. We wish you good health. As always, please send your questions, and we will work to get you answers as quickly as possible.


John A. Harrison
2020 Maryland REALTORS® President

IMPORTANT: To review Maryland REALTORS®' interpretation of Governor Hogan's March 30, 2020, stay-at-home order, please click here.

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