COVID-19 Update
PGCAR OFFICES CLOSED; Staff Working Remotely
. . . For Your Health

Important Coronavirus updates for PGCAR members

As you are aware effective at 8 pm Monday, March 30, 2020, Governor Hogan issued a "Stay At Home" order. As such, PGCAR remains closed. Staff are working remotely to continue to provide limited services.

We want to assist you, please, we encourage you to email the appropriate staffer. Email is the best source for a quick response and service. The staff voice mail directory is also available at 301-306-7900.

Please continue to check the PGCAR website for updated information.

  • Classes / Events: Beginning Tuesday, March 17, all classes and events are suspended. If you are currently registered for a class or event during this period, you will receive additional information as it is available, and your fee will be credited.

  • Committee Meetings: Beginning Wednesday, March 18, all governance meetings are cancelled or will be facilitated electronically.

  • REALTOR® Store Closed: Beginning Wednesday, March 18.

  • Lock Box Services: Unfortunately, we are unable to facilitate the physical transaction of issuing key cards or selling lock boxes. The SentriLock "App" may be a resource for box access. Contact Shirley Clayton at

Fortunately, many PGCAR services are available remotely. Please refer to (links below) for details on our emergency plan, staff communication directories, new member application process, class postponements, and more.

So, what does all of this mean?
Is PGCAR closed?
Yes. Staff is NOT on-site. Staff is working remotely to the best of their ability.

I've called the office, and no one answers?
Email, email, email . . . Please seek out the staff directory and send an email to the appropriate staffer. Or please, please, leave a message on the central line or on the staffers voicemail and someone will call you back (Be sure to leave your email address). During this emergency, email is the best mode of communication.

What are my options for taking CE classes to renew my license?
Our online education partners are available: The CE Shop, and RE Campus. The Governor has ordered a state of emergency effective March 5. He further ordered that if your real estate license expires during the state of emergency, the license renewal period will be extended until 30 days after the state of emergency is rescinded.

What action do I need to take if I am registered for a class?
Nothing. If you are currently registered for a class, you will receive additional information related to any rescheduling and options for keeping the reservation on file for the new date. Fees will be refunded or credited if the rescheduling conflicts with your ability to attend.

How do I apply for membership or make changes to my existing membership?
Applications to join and transfer membership along with dues pricing is available at under "Tools - Join Us." Simply complete the application, include your credit card information, and fax it to 301-306-8273. Please do not email credit card or other personal information, unless you have and use a secure email. If you have secure email, you may also email it to and In addition, staff is available by phone (301-306-7900) to assist you.

How do I obtain a SentriLock key, or service my key?
This is an area where, most often, face-to-face contact is necessary. We are asking . . . if the matter is not an emergency please wait until the COVID-19 precautions subside. However,

  • AFTER JOINING PGCAR and obtaining your NAR National REALTORS® Database System number, more commonly referred to as your NRDS #, a payment of $120, payable at PGCAR, is required to initialize "app" key access.

  • Contact our SentriLock Administrator, Shirley Clayton at or 301-306-7900, between the Hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

  • SentriLock Live Support: 513-618-5800 / 877-736-8745, or

  • SentriLock Link:

How do I obtain new Lockboxes, or service Lockboxes?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate sales of boxes or the physical service of boxes at the present time.

  1. Please consult with your broker as to the availability of a "loaner" box. Only the box owner can release the shackle.

  2. Battery dead? We are unable to offer a power-paddle service or sell batteries. Please contact SentriLock Live Support: 513-618-5800 / 877-736-8745, or temporarily place another box on the property.

How will any necessary committee meetings be conducted?
All meetings have been cancelled. Any necessary meetings will be coordinated by the Staff in consultation with the BOD and Chair. Please direct any questions about your assigned committees to your Staff liaison.

How can I purchase items from the REALTOR® Store?
The REALTOR® Store is closed.

We appreciate your understanding and support. PGCAR will continue to monitor and reevaluate and work to ensure that members' needs are met. Information about the virus is changing rapidly. For additional information on COVID-19, please review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and NAR's guidance for REALTORS®.

For additional business and health resources, please also see the newly updated:

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at 301-306-7900 or send an email to