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SentriCard will no Longer Access Lockboxes

SentriCard Access Ended March 21 - Install SentriKey TODAY


Unless you are the box owner, the "card" will no longer open boxes for showing agents.

Showing agents will need to access all boxes via the SentriLock Mobile App. The app will only work to access the box "when the box is assigned to the listing."

The older, first generation, SentriLock Boxes, will continue to work, HOWEVER, HOWEVER, HOWEVER . . . they must be ASSIGNED TO YOUR LISTINGS.

To utilize your access ability (enter and access your showings) to the fullest extent you MUST, MUST MUST, download and set up the SentriLock Mobile App.

Unfortunately, some older generation cellular phones may not work with this new mobile app technology. In some circumstances there are work-arounds that address this issue. Please refer to the FAQs below.

FAQs: Access to ALL SentriLock Lockboxes as of March 21

Q1. Are there any plans to create more workarounds for agents to access non-Bluetooth lockboxes in areas with limited access?

A1. Yes, we are developing mobile access codes directly within the app. This benefits our users as you would not need cell service in order to do so. You still would need to authenticate at least once a day in order to verify your credentials with SentriLock in a cell service area. But when later entering a low-cell service environment, the mobile access codes will be generated directly from the phone app, and not the SentriLock Servers.

These features will become available in March!

Q2. There are reports of even Bluetooth lockboxes not being accessible in low service areas. Can that be addressed? What are known common issues with the Bluetooth lockboxes and the app that have not been communicated in a cohesive way? What are the best ways agents can respond to issues when accessing lockboxes?

A2. The cellular connectivity is required once a day to authenticate your account. And if you attempt to authenticate in a low cell service area, it will not work properly.

There haven't been any systemic issues; however, technology does "glitch" and we need to troubleshoot what is happening with that lockbox. The more information you can give us, the better. With your assistance (via phone) we can pinpoint the issue with that lockbox or that situation. The main goal is to get each agent into the house as quickly as possible, so calling the SentriLock Support Number while at the lockbox, is the best way to resolve these issues.

Q3. What are the phone requirements to use the app? What phones / operating systems are obsolete or not supported by the SentriKey mobile app?

A3. Currently the iPhone 6 (6S, 6S Plus, 6S Max) and Samsung Galaxy S6 (S6 Ultra, S6Ultra Plus) will no longer allow the SentriKey access to work. These phone providers have updated their software and are no longer supporting these older generation of phones.

The phone is not obsolete, and SentriLock is not blocking access from these phones to the app; it is the phone developers who are not allowing SentriLock technology to be compatible with those phone types and earlier generations as well.

Q4. There have been issues with the SentriCard Utility, the Cards are deprecating, and some phones are no longer able to use the SentriKey Mobile app. In addition to these "roadblocks" in technology, are there any anticipated issues upcoming? Such as a timeline for deprecation of older lockboxes on a SentriLock wide scale?

A4. There are not any foreseen issues, however, best laid plans . . ..

We will mention that the SentriLock will not be deprecating the lockboxes or recalling any of the older generation lockboxes. If they continue to work for you, then continue to use them. However, we still recommend that you keep your lockboxes updated for technology in your region to work seamlessly, and to open certain features of SentriLock.

Q5. Is there a timeline on the showing service and other services you offer being available in our region? We know there were issues due to our MLS being too large. Is there an anticipated date for that?

A5. This is currently on the SentriLock Technical Roadmap, but no specific plans are in place at the present time.

Q6. Regarding the Upcoming SentriGuard Lockbox that started being marketed last year: Is there a timeline for that Lockbox's release in our area?

A6. Currently, with problems associated with Global Supply Chain demand, these boxes are in extremely short supply. SentriLock is relying on chipsets from Taiwan which have not been made readily available in the US. This is something that SentriLock is continuing to work on with our Global Partners and our Elected Officials.

Q7. How are you addressing the longer wait times when calling for Lockbox Support when using the Mobile App? What are the peak hours for SentriLock Help Desk Support, and what wait times could be expected?

A7. We are committed to excellence, one thing that we've taken to note is that our ASA (Average Speed of Answer) is 20 - 25 seconds. We are aggressive in hiring and looking for the right people to assist with our Valued Members. Regarding Peak Times, obviously, some times are busier than others, and some seasons are busier than others. That said, our aggressive hiring measures are aiding to rectify wait times.

Q8. When will the supply Chain be alleviated and when we will have SentriGuard or even Bluetooth Lockboxes in enough numbers to upgrade our older GEN II & NXT Wireless Lockboxes in this region?

A8. This is an ongoing uphill battle; we will continue to work with our Suppliers and our Elected Officials to create the best solutions we can for our customers.

Q9. Why can't the Card deprecation wait until the supply chain issues resolve themselves?

A9. The manufacturers of the Cards that we use are no longer making cards. This technology is over 20 years old; we need to be able to create viable solutions for our valued members regardless of 3rd party suppliers.

Q10. What is the difference between the Mobile Access Code, One Day Code & Contractor Code?

A10. The Mobile Access Code: is generated by the showing agent in order to open the key compartment of the lockbox they are scheduled to access. They are not given to anyone else, not used for any other purpose.

One Day Codes: are generated by listing agents in their SentriKey Mobile App, and given to those who are scheduled to access their lockboxes and do not have access to a SentriLock account.

Contractor Codes: are set by a SentriLock / Listing Agent and given to those who are scheduled to access their lockboxes and do not have access to a SentriLock account. They are only given to licensed contractors and will not work unless the listing agent has enabled contractor mode on the lockbox at the door. Contractor codes continue to work unless the agent goes back to the lockbox on the door and disables the contractor mode.

SentriConnect is the alternative for One Day Codes and Contractor codes, a much more secure way of enabling access. However, it is not available on every box in your region.

Q11. Why isn't the SentriConnect feature more available in our area?

A11. For the SentriConnect feature to be more available in your area, the majority of the lockboxes in circulation with your association need to be Bluetooth enabled.

Q12. Where can we learn more about SentriLock features and uses?


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