Know Your SentriLock Rules and Regulations

Keep Your SentriLock Access - Know Your Rules and Regulations

Revised Rules

The PGCAR SentriLock Authorized User Agreement and PGCAR Lockbox Rules and Regulations have been revised. It is critical that ALL members read and understand the outlined rules. One area that we want to highlight is access via SentriKey or login to the SentriKey app. It is a violation of the rules for any SentriLock user to share their SentriCard and/or SentriKeyTM app credentials. Treat these as you would your ATM credentials.

Per the SentriLock Authorized User Agreement, violations of the PGCAR Lockbox Rules and Regulations are subject to penalties and will be sent to a Lockbox Enforcement Tribunal of the Board of Directors to determine if the violation occurred and whether the conduct is subject to a penalty with fines ranging from $500 - $15,000.

We implore you to read and understand these rules, print a copy for your records, and observe and abide by the system rules.

SentriLock Authorized User Agreement
SentriLock System Rules and Regulations


To curb an influx of lockbox use violation complaints, the enforcement Tribunal has been aggressive in investigating infractions and issuing fines.

Fines have been issued recently for:

  • Sharing credentials with non-subscribers
  • Sending unescorted customers
  • Not having a showing appointment and "showing" outside of your appointment

The integrity of the lockbox system is held in its ability to monitor who has accessed the box to protect the consumer and you, the licensee.

Please be reminded, the non-Bluetooth lockboxes (NXT and NXT Wireless) are more than twelve years old and no longer under company warranty.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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