SentriLock Support

Do you have questions about using the SentriLock system? Several sources of Lockbox and SentriCard® Support are available:

  • Email SentriLock Support at
  • Call SentriLock Support 7 days a week, from 8 am to midnight, at 513-618-5800.
  • Find helpful videos, tutorials, frequently asked questions and more online:

SentriLock Enforcement

Stepped Up Lock Box Violation Enforcement
Know the Rules and Regulations. Save Suspension & Up to $15,000 Fines

As you know, the beauty of modern lockbox systems, like SentriLock, is that they track entry in order to protect YOUR CLIENTS, and YOU. When the integrity of the system is compromised the system of protection fails.

Lockbox violations which jeopardize you and your clients AND are punishable, include:

  • Unaccompanied persons entering a listed property
  • Accessing a box without prior listing agent consent
  • Sharing of the SentriLock Key Card, pin or username
  • Opening a box while "off Premises" through the SentriLock Mobile App

To further protect the integrity of the SentriLock system, PGCAR is adopting a more aggressive stance toward alleged lock box violations. The Board of Directors has appointed a special committee that is charged with investigating complaints, issuing fines and/or suspending or revoking SentriLock service.

Please be reminded, all subscribers agreed to very specific "terms of use" when initially subscribing to the service. The Lockbox User Agreement and Lockbox Rules and Regulations are very clear as to the "do's" and "DON'T"s of the system.

Fines and Penalties

As detailed in the SentriLock Contract, subscribers who violate any Rules and Regulations of the service are subject to a fine or penalty not to exceed $15,000 and possible revocation of service.

A first offense violation could result in a $500 penalty; a second offense, $1,000; and subsequent offenses would result in AUTOMATIC suspension or revocation from the service. In addition, a notice of the violation will be forwarded to the broker/manager of the subscriber and any other PGCAR member named in the violation.

Non-payment of any imposed fine will result in suspension or revocation of services.

SentriLock Complaint Form

Please help PGCAR help you by honoring the service agreement rules and reporting violations.

Download or print the SentriLock Complaint Form:

SentriLock Complaint Form