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PGCAR Offers SmartCharts ProTM as a Member Benefit

We all know that the internet has changed the real estate business in many ways. Among them is the fact that well over 95% of customers and prospects actively use the internet when selling or buying.
While there's a good deal of helpful information out there, there's also what we call TMBI - Too Much Bad Information.

This includes the AVMs (Automated Valuation Models) featured by most consumer websites.
For Prince George's County, per Zillow stats, their ZestimateTM accuracy has a median variance of 8.7%, which for a $255,000 listing (PG median for 2016) means the range of value can fall between $233,000 and $277,000. Human nature being what it is, $277k sticks in the seller's mind. Members tell us that ZestimatesTM often hurt rather than help customer interaction.

So how does an agent deal with the new internet-driven reality? In addition to preparing a solid CMA, there's also a great new tool to help, SmartCharts ProTM from RBI. SmartCharts ProTM provides you with one-click access to vital LOCAL market stats on any device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop on demand.

We cover 44 zip codes as well as over 411 PG subdivisions so YOU become the Metro Market Expert! And SmartCharts ProTM is not just for working with sellers . . . your buying prospects also need your local market expertise.

We're pleased to announce that PGCAR is among the first Associations to provide SmartCharts ProTM as a member benefit. Here's a 2-minute video to provide a quick and helpful overview.

If you're a current SmartChartsTM subscriber, the new program will start upon expiration of your current subscription.

If you're not a subscriber, we will be contacting you with sign on access.
Go to to sign up today and save $240!